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2014 Sep 10

We’ve all seen them at the table before, the guy folds hand after hand then suddenly out of nowhere he raises four times the big blind. Two callers. Along comes the flop, the guy whose been waiting bets small, gets re-raised and folds. Wow, after all that time you would think he’d be ready to play a hand. So how does one actually play winning no deposit casino bonus as a tight passive player? Let’s find out.

First we’ll analyze the hand above. In most cases the tight passive player was holding something like Ace King or Ace Queen before the flop. The flop came blank, blank, blank leaving our tight passive without a pair or a draw to go after. The initial bet was simply a continuation bet to try and scare away the additional two callers. When he was raised, he knew he was beat and needed to wait for the next hand to win some chips. So was the play actually all that wrong, or was it just setting up for something better?

The only real way to be a winning tight passive player is by setting up your opponents for big pot situations. Any player at the table who is paying attention should notice that you’re playing tight based on the fact that you’re rarely playing any hands. To earn the title of passive you are going to have to fold after raising before the flop, or surrendering hands where an aggressor would continue betting.

The method of playing tight passive can actually save you from losing chips that an aggressor may not be able to avoid. In the situation described above, the play can only be deemed good or bad if we know what kinds of opponents we had in the hand. For the sake of argument we’ll assume they were loose aggressors who play a lot of pots with a variety of hands, in which case it’s a good laydown.

So the plan here is to set up one of these loose aggressors for a big blow to their stack, and a possible double up. Once you have an opponent marked as being a loose aggressive player who loves to re-raise your bets, you’re ready to get started. The loose aggressor is playing off of what is known as “bet equity” where he’s assuming that you’ll fold the majority of the time he bets. His large raise is leaving a good amount of chips on the table. You’ll need to play a made hand in a similar manner to that of the Ace King that didn’t catch. Pocket Aces or Kings would be perfect for this, as heads up they’re roughly 80% to beat out any other hand. If there’s a possible made straight or flush, you’ll have to lay it down, but if not you should be good to go.

Make your raise pre-flop just as you did before. Now make what looks like a continuation bet on the flop. When your opponent re-raises your bet you have two options – smooth call then bet again on the turn, which may signal to him you have a strong hand or gives him a chance to try and outdraw you, or you re-raise his bet. If there’s enough money in the pot your opponent will more than likely call, giving you an excellent shot at doubling up. If he was just testing the waters, he’ll fold. Either way you take down a nice sized pot.

Now this will not be winning poker strategy if you push with a hand like Ace King without pairing the board. You’re only about 24% to catch by the river, meaning if your opponent even has a pair of threes he’ll be taking down the pot every 3 out of 4 times. You only want to make this play with a strong hand when you have the right opponents at the table. If you don’t get paid off for your play, than you’re not playing winning poker as a tight passive player.

Remember, you can switch gears later on in the match as well, and you will in most cases catch your opponents off guard, adding to your stack and taking away from theirs.

2016 Jan 21

casinoMany casino purists were apprehensive when online casinos first started, as they believed that it would be hard to recreate the casino buzz, rush, and atmosphere in this format. How could people experience the thrill of the casino, the sights, the sounds, and the smells, from a computer screen at home? But online casinos found a way around this and developed different ways to add to their appeal.

Online casinos offered something different. They gave players the opportunity to play in comfort and be relaxed, which made a huge difference to some players who found casinos stressful. Online casinos made things simple, they had instructions, they had helpdesks, and they had simple ways to cash in and out. Generally they were user friendly, and even casino loyalists began to see the appeal.

Now, online casinos are all over the internet, and some even have live links to real life casino tables so that players can feel like they are actually there. The online casino  has well and truly become accepted. So what was the next step?

Now that smartphones and tablets are so prevalent, it seemed obvious that the online casinos would move to this platform. Many of the popular online casinos now offer free mobile apps to download on your smartphone or tablet, that enable you to play the same casino games as you would on your computer but on the move.

2015 Nov 14

Bingo Canada has a welcoming online community. Yes, we are not calling it just a website. It’s a community of Bingo players or enthusiast would be the right way to address them.

Ever thought of relaxation, leisure, enjoyment just at one place without ever spending hours and hours in travelling to far away destinations? All this is available under one community; by joining like minded people with the same interests. Yes, all this is possible on Bingo Canada! Bingo Canada is a community of enthusiast of Bingo who are equally passionate about Bingo, just like you are.

Bingo Canada is full of different selections of online bingo adventures giving a unique and best experience to bingo players.

2015 Aug 18

imagesOnline slots can provide a wealth of fun for all individuals. Many people love the thrill of playing this type of game. There are lots of different slot games available on the internet and thus boredom is never a factor that comes into play. Nevertheless, one aspect which does need to be considered is money management. This is the only worry that people have when they are playing any type of slot game or casino game online. However, with a few key tips you can ensure that this is something you need not worry about at all. Read on for the best money management tips for those playing free slots online.

First and foremost, why not consider playing online slot games for free? There are plenty of websites that offer the exact same games yet you do not need to deposit any money. And don’t worry; you still get to experience the thrill. The only difference is you don’t have to experience the horrible disappointment when you realise that you have lost a significant amount of cash. However, there are individuals who do like to play for money as this is half of the fun for them, thus the remaining tips in the article will of course revolve around this. Nevertheless, one suggestion is to have a combination of the both. Set yourself a limit of cash to spend for the day and as soon as you run out the only way you are allowed to play slot machines online is if it is free of charge.

In addition to this, another key piece of advice is not to use your winnings as your bankroll. There are many people that make the mistake and the end result is always the same – they end up withdrawing no winnings it all. You can easily get carried away and thus you keep going and going until all your money is drained. Instead you should deposit your initial stake, this is the amount you are allowed to gamble with. Any of your winnings must be withdrawn immediately in order to avoid the temptation of using them.

2015 Apr 22

In October 2012, xBingo was rebranded as bgo Bingo under the Mandalay Media Group. If you frequently play online bingo you will note that they also manage sites like Costa Bingo, City Bingo and Sing Bingo. Unlike these sites, bgo is powered by its own software that was developed specifically for the site.

Unique Software

The bgo Bingo software is similar to Globalcom/888 platform that you will find on many other popular bingo sites. The chat windows and ticket displays are in the same locations but the graphics are more high tech and the design style is just a little more flattering than typically found in other sites. The menus are easy to navigate and, compared to its sister sites, bgo Bingo is far superior.


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